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Canopy | FAENA Prize for the Arts 2022

Art Proposal by Hugo |Application #7034

5600 NW 7th Ave. | Studio18 | Miami, FL |

Artwork and visual concept remain intellectual property of Hugo Rodriguez Loredo  • All Rights Reserved © 2022


Setting the Tone

The movement of my creativity stems from the construction and music of classical guitar. It has and for many decades become the mantra

infused with the work at hand.

The guitar is more than just an instrument of nature crafted by man. The symbology of the guitar denotes a symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. The modern lines and curvature highlight the architecture of the guitar but it’s the rhythm that teaches mankind to be in tempo with nature...balance is key.

In 2012, as the official artist of the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition, I was given the opportunity to make a visual impact for the stage design of the event in Buffalo, NY.

Utilizing the simplicity of the guitar elements and the ambiance of the stage. My design, inspired by one of my original paintings (Earthly Guitar) was embraced and implemented as an integral part of

the performing arts.

The Message

Inline with the mission statement. “Canopy is where the heart dwells”. More so today, as we merge with technology on a daily basis, it sheds light on our convoluted global-construct as it connects our cultural/economic/political worlds closer. It forces us to acknowledge that planet Earth is a finite place. Nested in the cosmos, this pale blue dot is “home”.

“Canopy” represents Earth as our true home and official identity of humanity. The volition-of-self for sustainable responsibilities are at hand. Utilizing recyclable materials would be the ideal construction of this concept. The form and function of this centerpiece will raise awareness for smart, sustainable living and long term care of our planet home.

The Vision

The guitar-like elements ascend a greater meaning of home. We are inter-connected and maintaining the tempo of nature is instrumental. The origami heart is a pinnacle symbol of modernism as we strive to keep global harmony. Canopy unites a strong message of oneness.

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