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The Oneness of Creativity


“One with Creativity”


A collective journey of art, inspiration within the human spirit. I will share my 1st hand experience and talk about the importance of art in our communities especially in our educational system and how it impacts our children. I will elaborate at the core level how art is no different than Love.  Directly or indirectly we all play a role in the arts on a daily basis. Through my presentation I will re-enforce the importance of arts and why we must find ways to continue funding art programs in our schools and communities and become “one” with creativity.



One with Creativity
Students interacting with my work.
One with Creativity
Art Day Celebration 20013
Art Day Celebration 2014
From my Students
From my Students
Art in School
Art demonstration by Hugo
Art Lesson Plan 2012
From my Students
Art Lesson Plan 2013
From my students
Hugo & Danie - Carrefour, Haiti 2013
Stage Design
9/11 Arts: Decade Later
Official Artist
Gallery Exhibit
Westchester County NY Exhibit 2008
Art demonstration 2010.
Buffalo News Article
Gallery Exhibit
Art Day Celebration
Art in School
Art Gallery Exhibit
Artwork published BPO
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