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Gaia: Earth is a Child - Covid19 Artwork

Heartwarming artwork inspired by Covid19 global pandemic. As an artist experiencing this global crisis I was deeply moved, inspired and compelled to create this unique work of art. I use the shape of a classical guitar to encapsulate the overall story/crisis at hand. I wanted to create an image that represents a global song of Hope and Oneness. Shedding light to the meaning and symbolism of my work: Gaia is a divine Goddess embracing Earth represented by a child in her arms. The symbolism of the red cross represents the Healthcare workers confronting the crisis. The strings represent the crescendo of Covid19 rising as it spreads worldwide. The storm in the background plays into the daily tension and calamity of a world filled with uncertainty. It is through compassion and rhythm to unite Humanity in order to heal and move forward with hope. #inspire #artwork #onview #covid19 #covid19artistathome #theartofhugo #covid19art #stayhome #healthcare #nurses #supportlocalartist #madeinmiami 

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